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Welcome to the computer section of our website: . On these pages you will find information about compiling and assembling computers, at this time mostly about the PC’s I have build myself, but eventually there will be more general information about hardware components and building computers, and of course links to websites dealing with computer hardware.

At this time not all the pages have been translated, so come back regularly to check for updates, and don’t hesitate to let me know whether you like it (or not of course). 

Already for a number of years now I’m building, rebuilding and tweaking my PC’s. It most certainly does have its advantages. You can choose for yourself which components to use in your computer, and because of that you also know exactly what’s in your PC and what the possibilities are of the hardware you have picked.

With all the parts that 'fling about' here in the room it is almost always possible to assemble a whole 'new' computer, usually for a specific application or goal, with only a few new hardware components. It is for many applications not really necessary to buy the newest available hardware on the market. For the normal office applications, e-mail and surfing the net you don’t need a new super fast computer, a somewhat older model, possibly second hand, is more than sufficient. Software packages dealing with photo or video editing require more computer power, and for the newest games you are usually better of with the newest hardware to assemble the most powerful configuration, but this comes with a price of course.

Eventually the purpose for which you are building a computer and the budget available determine, at least for me, the hardware components that end up in my computer(s).

In the end, it is not as difficult as it seems, a bit of patience and common sense, and being able to work accurately will get you there. Make sure you have everything prepared before you start, have all the components and tools at hand and take all the time you need.

The next pages describing computerbuilding and upgrading have not been translated yet, but they have some nice pictures.... :-)



Bij dit ‘verherbouwinkje’ zijn eigenlijk alleen het moederbord en de processor (een slot 370 bord inclusief P3 1,3GHz Tualatin) vervangen/geupgrade voor een slot 775 bord van ASUS (Intel 865PE chipset) in combinatie........lees verder>>


De oude kast uit de vorige verherbouwing laat uiteindelijk, zoals was te verwachten, toch duidelijk te wensen over wat betreft airflow. Zeker hier op zolder tijdens de warme zomer van het afgelopen jaar dus.....lees verder>>


We gaan verder waar we de vorige keer gestopt zijn, namelijk bij de lege kast die is overgebleven na het ombouwen naar de Coolermaster kast. En deze nu nog lege kast moet een PC voor Lisette gaan worden.......lees verder >>


Een aantal jaren geleden heb ik voor het laatst m'n PC een serieuze boost gegeven, en nu is het weer zover, tijd voor een 'echte' upgrade. we gaan voor de dubbel. De dual core procesoren van Intel........lees verder>>


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